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On a hot summer day, a young boy lounges in a tyre swing hanging from the big branch of an old ghost gum. He peers through binoculars to catch glimpses of the family of koalas that live at the top of its mighty trunk. The surrounding bush vibrates with native animal life. In the distance, plumes of grey smoke rise above the coastal landscape, showering the horizon with ash.

Goodbye Home HD stereo OP 53 MASTER.00_0
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Directed, Animated & Edited by

Jonathan Chong


Written by

Jett Tattersall


Story by

David Hov


Narrated by

Jamie Rogers


Produced & Executive Produced by

David Hov & Oliver Lawrance


Character Designs & Layouts by

Simon Murray


Additional Voice provided by

Rachel Hanrahan


Original Score by

Maria Alfonsine & Damian de Boos-Smith


Feature Song "Let It Rain" Written by

Delta Goodrem, Matthew Copley & Marla Altschuler


Performed by

Delta Goodrem


Sound Design by

Nigel Christensen Assg & Michael Ackroyd


Sound Mix by

Nigel Christensen Assg


Sound Engineered by

Rose Mackenzie-Peterson

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